These are just a few outcomes we have established.  Watch this website for the                  release of our white papers and book on this subject in the near future.   ​​​

  • Accessorizing with their most valued possessions is key to accomplishing that goal. 
  • A bed that functions like a hospital bed but does not look like one creates a sense of normalcy.   ​​
  • Some veterans feel worthless when they return. Quality interior design creates a sense of value and worth in a veteran. 
  • Ownership of space by the veteran aids in their recovery.   ​​

"Veterans  sense much more of the environment than     just sight, sound, touch and smell."  

The Developing Research Outcomes

Designing for Veterans is one of the first design firms to research and use the evidence-based design process, in the residential area.  We are on the leading edge researching the impact of interior design on disabled veterans related to their personal living environments.

The Center of Health Design reports that within the healthcare industry today the process of evidence-based design is being used to change environments allowing patients to focus on the healing process rather than fighting their environment.  Professionals who work in this field not only design interiors based on proven design outcomes but they also continue in their research to establish the evidence.  This application has been mainly applied to commercial projects until now. 

Designing for Veterans fully embraces this process and continues their research into the impact of interior design on our disabled veterans.  

"... Evidence based design is not just a marketing tool but something that can actually help save people's lives." 

                                                                            The Center for Health Design 

The Impact of Interior Design on Disabled Veterans