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State of Homelessness Report January 2011

Homeless Shelter & Housing  

Comfort Homes - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 

In the state of Illinois 15% of the homeless are veterans.  

It is a long term strategic goal of Designing for Veterans to make homeless vets in the Chicago area a thing of the past.  We believe permanent housing that provides our veterans with a sense of ownership, value and pride is part of the solution. 

In partnership with the  many fine organizations already assisting veterans in all aspects of care such as drug rehab, job creation, healthcare, counseling and housing we intend to help our veterans live the quality and independent lives they so richly deserve and earned. 

There should not be a single veteran living on the streets anywhere in the USA.

Our Board of Directors 

A change of environment can help recovery.  

The wounds of war are not always visible. For many, the war rages on even after they have returned home.  For some, they feel worthless.  For others, they have lost their soul.  

At Designing for Veterans we recognize that PTSD is real and debilitating.  We believe a change of environment can aid in the recovery of our veterans when added to their current medical and therapy programs.  A safe and comfortable environment where they can regain their sense of value and worth is essential to their recovery.  

Find out more about our research into the impact of interior design on disabled veterans and about our latest project The Aspen Veteran Recovery Ranch .

Designing for Veterans offers this program for severely disabled veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars with all types of disabilities including but not limited to emotional, mental and/or physical.  This is a research based program.

We custom design, build (if needed) and furnish environments to address the specific needs of the veteran that vary from single family homes, apartments, condos, housing developments to temporary housing units such as comfort homes.

The scope of work may be a simple remodel or complex as ground up construction. 

Interiors designed to heal.  

Residential - Assisted Living