All funds generated from the sale of this barn wood supports Designing for Veterans and their renovation projects to provide therapeutic designed interiors to aid in the recovery of                                           our severely disabled veterans at no cost to the vet or their family.  Designing for Veterans is a 501(c)3 nonprofit public charity. 

You can contact us using the email form above or call Carol Way Cisco for more details at


Featured here is a one hundred year old corn crib in Central Illinois. This vintage wood has been naturally weather by the elements over the years

Salvaged by volunteers and veterans helping our wounded heroes.

You're in luck.

We have siding, interior boards, posts and beams left over from a veteran project that Designing for Veterans is selling to fund our next disabled vet home remodel project.  
The wood  that is available immediately is featured here. Exterior wood is aromatic cedar. Interior construction wood is oak.

Pricing is competitive: normal costs on the current market range from $3.00 - $23.00 a board foot. The price varies depending on how much prep and/or finish you need or want. 

   a. $2.00 - 3.00 bd ft: depending on qty. Raw/un-prepped/denailed. Comes in varying and
       mixed lengths and widths; 3', 4', 6', 8' and some longer. That's how we sell it mainly
       and is our preferred method.

   b. $6.00 bd ft: Prepped which includes: denailed, ripped on each edge for a straight
       edge, hand wire brushed to raise grain, detail and bring out undertones of color.
       Comes in varying widths and lengths. This is ready to install. Your carpenters would
       cut for size and fit on site..

   c. $18.00 bd ft: Custom - includes the above but is cut to a specified size (w x l) for the
       project, plane one face and involves staining and/or finish on the other.  This work can
       be done however by your contractor or carpenters on site if you want to save money.
       We find that the most viable way for many projects to avoid this additional cost.

We will deliver direct to you in the Chicagoland area for a small fee.

If you are looking for completely grey exterior face, we are dismantling the barn as shown on the left very soon.  Contact us above and let us know.

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