BREAKING NEWS - Our Newest Award


August 15, 2023 Ms. Cisco was awarded by the national organization of the American Society of Interior Designers the Focus Health & Wellness award for her work on a veteran project called The Sanctuary. 


In Carol's world; the design of your home has a direct impact on your health & well being. And while aesthetics can impact how you sense your environment there are other elements impacting your happiness. It is often subtle without your knowledge or understanding.  Often the trigger is then assigned to something else.  

The project featured here is what prompted this award. It is about a veteran who 3 days after his retirement found his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  It was several years after before Carol learned about this.  He was on a downward spiral.  He lost all hope and did not socialize.  He became a hoarder; every room top to bottom. 

Taking a therapeutic approach to the project she compassionately worked with the veteran to purge and organize his home.  In doing so, black mold was discovered in the ventilation system.  The air quality in his home was slowly killing him. Carol knew because of her training that air samples were needed to identify the extent of contamination.  The laboratory results revealed a red alert condition needing immediate remediation.  See the full story on our Projects page coming soon.

Through design this veterans needs were specifically and individually addressed to have an impact on his health and wellbeing.  As a result his life was completely changed.  The veteran's home is now beautifully designed within his means.  He socializes and has regained his sense of worth.  He picked up his trumpet and has formed a Jazz Band for Seniors and is playing again. In summary he is happy and enjoying life. 

Once a hoarder these rooms and the whole house was packed with stuff and boxes from floor to ceiling.  Little walkways had been created to make ones way through the disorganization of the spaces. All items in the home had to be handled piece by piece.  Every piece of paper, every item small and large.  They were either purged or remediated. Care had to be taken due to the delicate nature of the memories some of the precious pieces had.


June 5, 2013 Ms. Cisco received the Irene Winifred Eno Grant for outstanding research work in Designing for Veterans - Research into the Impact of Interior Design on Disabled Veterans: Case Study of Marine Sgt Daniel Tsutsumi from the American Society of Interior Designers Foundation

        RED AWARD 

April 3, 2014 received the Recognizing Exemplary Design award for Marine Sgt Daniel Tsutsumi's project in the category of Healthcare-Residential-Assisted Living from the International Interior Design Association Illinois Chapter; selected from nearly a hundred of submittals from within the state.


October 2012 Ms Cisco received the Visionary Design Award from the American Society of Interior Designers Illinois Chapter for her work in empowering students in the field of design, the founding of Designing for Veterans, and advancements in the impact of interior   design on the disabled.


June 2012 the Student ASID Chapter at the Illinois Institute of Art Chicago received the national Outstanding Community Service and Fundraising Award of the Year for it's founding of Designing for Veterans and their Mission Possible project: for a disabled veteran Army Sgt Cameron Crouch  


February 2011 Ms Cisco received first place award of the Richard A Smith Memorial Scholarship from the Illinois Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers for her student residential design project. 


June 2012 the Student ASID Chapter at the Illinois Institute of Art Chicago received the national Outstanding Student Chapter of the Year Award for not only applying interior design to aid a veteran, but founding of Designing for Veterans and expanding the chapter membership and activities. 

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