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  • Color selection is important.  It can have a healing effect.  Blue is Cameron's favorite color.

  • Installing a bed that allowed for personal adjustments (Sleep Number) gave Cam a full night's sleep without pain.
  • Placing the bed on center of the main wall created space for a 5' turning radius on each side of the bed.
  • Wall hung nightstands creates space for Cam's "feet" when turning in his wheelchair.​​​

  • Reversing the bathroom door made the entry wider.

It's all in the details.

Soft close under-bed storage that Cam can close with his prosthetic foot. Designed for extra  pillow storage. 

  • A custom built bed with a recessed platform and an overhanging mattress was the solution Sgt Cam needed.  Now he hits the soft mattress!
Designs that Help Recovery 

Wall hung night stands allow Cam to turn his wheelchair beside the bed. Accessorized with personal photos taken by our staff. 

Our thanks go to everyone who made this mission possible. We'd like to acknowledge specifically the four key contributors who received the Designing for Veterans Freedom Award for their service to this project:

Bernhardt Design + Hafele of America + Keith Clayton Furniture Inc +Ragsdale Inc 

Teamwork is what defines the success of a mission! 

Mission Possible Volunteer and Donor Team 




Sleep Number

​Tepper Electric

Kayhan International 

Lowery McDonald Co


Sheridan Contract


Business Office Systems





By the time Sgt Cam came to us he had damaged the amputation below his knees several times. And after many efforts to repair a bed that broke in the middle of the night, rolling to the floor Cameron resorted to a pile of books to hold up one side.

A full assessment done by our team of designers also revealed insufficient storage for his medical supplies, difficulty negotiating around his master bedroom, bumping into furniture and damaging it and a bathroom door he could not easily get through.  The master bath cabinetry was falling apart.  Learn more about Cameron here.

"For the first time since my injury I got a full night's sleep without pain. And I can now turn a full three-hundred and sixty degrees next to my bed."                                           Army Sgt Cameron Crouch 

Mission Possible: Army Sgt Cameron Crouch