Founder:  Carol Way Cisco, Allied ASID - LEED AP ID + C

Co-Founder:  Stephanie Hajkaluk

President:  Carol Way Cisco, Allied ASID - LEED AP ID + C

Vice President:  Stephanie Hajkaluk

Treasurer:  Joe Hajkaluk

Secretary:  Carol Hajkaluk

Founding Member:  Paul Ramoie, ASID Student Representative Il Chapter

Our Board of Directors 

Carol way Cisco, Allied ASID


It is a responsible commitment in community service.  I would not be here today, living my passion for design, if it were not for the courage and sacrifice of our men and women in the military.  They have guaranteed my future and yours by keeping this great country free. 

If actions could speak then their battle cry should be heard far and wide.  It is time to give back. What better way then restoring quality living for our veterans.  ....more 

Interior design is not just a job!  

Founder and President