Designing for Veterans' newest project is a ranch in the Aspen, Colorado area dedicated to providing a service facility that not only addresses a veteran's physical disabilities but the all aspects of their lives that are needed for a full re-entry into civilian life. An environment built to care for the body, mind and spirit; the three components to recovery.  This will be a comfort home where veterans suffering from PTSD will come to receive the care they need. This project is in the developmental stages and when completed will also be a research based program.

The Board is currently researching properties to build upon and professionals in the healthcare industry to join our program.  The photo at the left provides an inspiration for the design direction the ranch is headed.  In alignment with the capacity of nature to heal the facility will be located in the heart of the Colorado mountains with plenty of trees, rivers and wild life.  

Learn more about what this program is and how it will help our wounded heroes.


Healing the mind, body and spirit.

The Aspen Veteran Recovery Ranch - our newest comfort home project



There are many forms of disability. Not all the wounds of war are visible. Often they are misunderstood

and neglected. Yet the need

is still there. 

Our Vision:

To aid in the recovery of our veterans through quality living environments. 

At Designing for Veterans we believe the built environment can have a tremendous impact on the physical and psychological life experience of disabled veterans when returning home from war.  Our therapeutic approach is to design and build an environment that will aid in their recovery and not be a constant reminder of their disability.  We build environments that heal. 

"To care for him who shall have borne the battle..."  President Abraham Lincoln 


Evidence-Based Design is a

scientific research approach to documenting the impact of interior design on the recovery and healing of our veterans.


Quality environments are custom designed and built to address the therapeutic needs of each veteran  at no cost to the veteran or 

their family. 


 Their stories vary. The sacrifice and dedication does not. Courage, honor and brotherhood

           bond them together.             Read their story